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Make Your Business An Instant Hit in 2019 With These Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is supposed to be the most effective marketing way today and even in the times to come. This year, shape your marketing strategies and sync them with the ongoing digital trends.

Growing a business is observed to be a mercurial terrain, subject to vulnerability or unprecedented growth – either of the two can happen. The uncertainty doesn’t hover over your mind while believing that a major chunk of your marketing strategy is digital in this modern landscape. Disregarding the view that both competitors and potential customers are constantly dangling over the online platform, would be an imbecile remark. Believe it or not, digital marketing is supposed to be the most effective marketing way today and even in the times to come. This year, shape your marketing strategies and sync them with the ongoing digital trends.

We present you seven such simple digital marketing strategies to implement in your business and help it grow fonder:

Foresee A Marketing Goal

The foremost step should be setting up a concrete goal of what exactly do you want or in which direction you ought to move. Suppose, you might envisage a bigger customer base, more recognition, or maybe expect your business to excel ahead of the competition. But doing all of these without proper scheming and plotting would land you up muddling and juggling between jumbled tasks. Even though digital marketing is a smooth way to help your business prosper, a lot of precision and strategy is needed. Thus, keeping a goal will help you stay focused.

Generate Market Funnel

If we put it into simple words – a market funnel is a framework representing the customer’s journey towards the purchase of the product or service. The number of people you attract to your website is much larger than those who will show interest in your business and become leads, and then customers eventually. There are quite many types of funnels but the simplest one is:

  • Top of the Funnel: to attract new targeted visitors
  • Middle of the Funnel: Capture and nurture leads
  • Bottom of the Funnel: Turn leads into customers

The top of the funnel is about increasing the visibility of your business and making the target audience aware of your company’s existence. Keep in mind – people going through the top funnel are complete strangers. So, make the top funnel absolutely interactive.

The middle of the funnel is often overlooked by people who are new with digital marketing. It is when your website visitors start showing enough interest for you to start giving them value. Suppose, they give you a piece of their contact information. This is when the visitors become leads whom you can nurture later.

The bottom of the funnel comes when you have already established a trustworthy relationship with the leads. The main job for you in this funnel is to compel your customers in a way that they will buy your product. Inspire them to take an action so that the lead may think – your product is the only solution to their problem. Make your product look like a limited time offer for the customer.

Social Media Marketing

Probably, the most powerful and effective tool these days, social media is important to all the marketers for their business to grow manifold and become susceptible to increased exposure. There are several benefits of inculcating social media in your marketing strategies, viz. it increases traffic and exposure; develops loyal customers; improves search ranking of your business; and, ultimately increases sales.

Despite businesses adopting social media marketing, not each and everyone is doing the way it is meant to be done. Quite many of them are making fatal mistakes like not choosing the right social media channel to promote or market their product. Just because a business is a hit on LinkedIn, it doesn’t mean to receive the same kind of acknowledgment from Instagram. Keep a tap on your target audience and the social media platform they tend to use more often.

The following companies can help you with your Social Media Marketing Strategies:

Artificial Intelligence Marketing

There was a time when the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was contemplated as a marketing tool only accessed by larger businesses. This notion, however, has transformed, and now even smaller businesses could apply publicly available algorithms or off the shelf machine learning services to generate useful insights and create prediction models based on customer’s behaviors. The marketers could easily aggregate big data with minimal manual work. AI could also analyze the search patterns and help marketers identify key areas where they should focus their attention on.

There are companies offering technology superiority for small and medium businesses. You can check few names below:

Voice Search

Voice search is here as the most emerging tool of digital marketing and would sustain for ages. We can see a huge growth in digital assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home. According to CTA reports, 1 in 4 shoppers used voice assistants in their holiday shopping during the 2017 season. This will disrupt the current marketing trend. However, it’s still a question when the internet would not have a face just a voice, how will companies be able to sponsor search results in ‘Google Advoice’. The voice search is the immediate future and businesses should start taking it into their major consideration.

Search Engine Optimization

Suppose, you have created a visually aesthetic website with user-friendly UI. Besides, you have created service pages for all the service you offer. If you think, by simply remaining limited to this you will pull traffic to your website then you are simply wrong. There are innumerable websites in your niche alone. You need to think how exactly your website can come up on the top when potential customers search for keywords relevant to your business. This is the time when SEO comes in the picture and be decisive enough for you to make your website generate clicks and revenue. There are many SEO tools you can use or outsource an SEO company, who can apply the best SEO practices for your business.

You can also go for Pay Per Click Marketing. This is a method to bring visitors to your website using search engine advertising which can generate sales-ready leads. This marketing model is quite efficient and less time-consuming since you just have to pay a fee each time one of your ads is being clicked. Also, this is one of the most popular forms of marketing tools among businessmen.
There are many companies you can outsource SEO from. Few are mentioned below:

Influencer Marketing

If you want to know, which is the most trending marketing tool for the year and coming future, Influencer Marketing is the one, creating a lot of buzz in and around the businessmen. This is one of the most impactful marketing tools for startups to grow their brands. The best thing about it is that it is inexpensive in comparison to other traditional marketing channels. While starting your business, it would be difficult for you to pitch in mega influencers. Thus, you should find micro influencers for your startup or business.

Check out some of the companies that provide Influencer Marketing to

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