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Review: Patanjali Paridhan Proudly Celebrates ‘Indiapan’ in its First Commercial

Patanjali’s first apparel vertical aspires to cater to the Indian masses with a mix of its conventional and contemporary clothing options.

In a first, Patanjali’s apparel brand, Patanjali Paridhan, releases its TV commercial on January 26. The ad film, conceptualized and executed by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, emphasizes the varied styles and flavors of a country as diverse as India.

The brand that takes pride in being a home-grown company through its tagline ‘Swadeshi ka Swabhiman’, launched its first apparel and home décor vertical in November 2018. Talking to Mr. Anil K Nair, Managing Partner, L&K Saatchi&Saatchi about the brand’s brief, he says, “The idea was to create a pro-country campaign. We wanted the consumers to take pride in wearing a brand that was as Indian as its built. Basically, reflective of the nation and its culture”. In the coming months, we will see this digital ad film being followed on all traditional media platforms.

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The ad film manages to stay true to the brand’s philosophy- to cater the Indian market with world-class apparels. It celebrates the Desi Indian flavor, the heterogeneous cultural identities and the aspirational values that each Indian holds. Nair also adds, “There was no intent to create an anti-western campaign or focus on unnecessary jingoism. There was also no focus on the affordability factor. The aim was to land communication on the proud part and that the brands gets accepted”.

In the commercial, we see Patanjali Paridhan aiming to strike a balance between traditional and contemporary trends with its range of garments. The brand intends to cater to the needs of the conventional as well as the modern day Indian. It was important to bring alive the Indian flavor along with fashion, where the latter is often associated with international brands. On this, Nair says, “For us, progressiveness was not synonymous with Western values and influence. Fashion has a language and aspiration of its own”. 

The ad also disseminates the idea of a new India’s ‘desi swag’, with its ‘Tann Mann Dhann, Indiapan’ jingle. Released on this Republic Day, it celebrates the proud Indians that we are today. Nair adds, “We all know how the brand stands for Proud India. This is exactly how we wanted the consumers to feel too. Hence, the ‘Indiapan‘.”

For me, it did manage to hit the right chord and convince me to try the brand once. It also manages to capture the soul of the brand and expressed it beautifully.

Currently, Patanjali Paridhan has seven stores running successfully. It aspires to launch 500 exclusive brand outlets by March 2022. I hope Patanjali Paridhan manages to establish itself as an indigenous fashion brand in the market soon!