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Exclusive : Content Marketing in the Era of Blockchain – Future looks bright

By: RP Singh

Chief Curator, Content Marketing Summit Asia

While there’s been plenty of doubt regarding just how reliable cryptocurrency is, kind words have consistently been reserved for the blockchain technology behind it. Blockchain is increasingly becoming an industry staple when it comes to automation and streamlining processes. A fact that has led many to predict that this technology will disrupt many sectors of the economy. One of those sectors that is expected to feel the impact is content marketing. Reason being just how substantial the changes to content marketing as we know it are expected to be.


Pre-Blockchain Content Marketing

Content marketing has changed substantially over the past two decades. The familiar articles and adverts in magazines gave way to online alternatives including videos, blogs, meta titles etc. While the shift revolutionized the industry, it’s also opened it up to a number of challenges:

  • Clutter and Inaccuracy – The rush by businesses to develop content targeted at various audiences led to a lot of online clutter. Clutter describes the millions of poorly made content that is often inaccurate and inevitably leads to misinformation.
  • Plagiarism – Plagiarism is a persistent problem for many businesses that create exceptional online content. Many entities out there would rather steal content and claim it as their own rather than create something original. Brands could easily track the people responsible but then again there’s no way of reversing the damage caused.
  • The Limitations of Tracking – There are currently several metrics by which you could gauge how content performs online e.g. audience reactions. These metrics suffers limitations with regard to detail given only a little valuable information is gleaned.


Post-Blockchain Content Marketing

Blockchain technology will have a very positive impact on content marketing as it helps to solve a number of challenges.

  • Reduce Plagiarism – The reliable and exhaustive record keeping guarantees that all duplicates of content can be easily identified and taken down. The original content takes priority which guarantees that there will be no room for disputes. Consequently, cases of plagiarism will drastically reduce. Moreover, the clutter that results from poor imitations will reduce as well.
  • Tackle Misinformation – The exhaustive inalterable record keeping will also come in handy with regard to fake information and suspicious content. Blockchain technology will make it possible to trace all sources of information for authenticity thus prioritizing truth. Thus, the fake news, alternative facts and the misinformation they cause will be strengthened.
  • Tracking performance – The enhanced tracking abilities that come with blockchain technology will provide more insights on content performance. All relevant metrics will have more information than what is available presently. The additional informational will prove useful once analysis is done and more insights drawn. An accurate idea of how specific content is performing will then be arrived at.


Babyghost and Vechain Blockchain Success

Babyghost, a fashion company, is one example of a business that made use of blockchain technology to successful effect. Babyghost collaborated with Vechain, a well-known blockchain platform, to give their customers a feel of the blockchain experience. Customers were given the opportunity to scan the tag on a Babyghost clothing item to discover whether it was genuine or not. The confirmation of the product’s authenticity was accompanied by detailed information regarding its history and even models who wore it. The end result was each clothing item became special in the eyes of intrigued buyers. Each of those clothing items had a unique story they hoped to contribute to.

At present, blockchain is still relatively new to the mainstream business world. It is, however, already being picked up by many businesses that prioritize innovation and know blockchain will take over soon. When that day finally arrives, content marketing will never be the same again.