Editor's Take

April Fool 2019: Brands Clowning Customers and Yet Winning Over

Social Media has given even brands an opportunity to connect with the customers in the most amicable way; thus, making the marketers squeeze every possible opportunity in appearing more than a marketing machine. Making use of April Fools’ Day, certain brands have put as much thought into creating over-the-top ways to fool their customers as they do in any other serious campaigns to drive sales. What is the end goal? To sound relevant, funny, memorable, and show that you are more than a marketer. However, to have a big win in the extremely crowded space, brands need to plan well and understand how to tread the fine line between humor/parody and click bait or sensationalized news.

So, here are the brands who perfectly clowned their customers and yet maintained the class by winning over through their creative pranks this April Fools’ Day 2019:

McDonald’s India

Ola Restroom

Atomberg Technologies

Kingfisher Instant Beer

Countdown Supermarkets Onion Dip Ice cream

Tinder Height Verification

OnePlus’ Electric Car

Emirates Chauffeur-Less Drones

It’s the first day of April, so beware and remember to be alert to news that seems too good to be true or just plain bizarre.