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Facebook Just Democratized Augmented Reality

And It’s a Huge Deal For Brands – Spriha Neogi, Co-founder & COO of Attero Labs tells why

Earlier this year, Facebook enabled Augmented Reality within the Facebook Camera. And just like that – Over 2 billion people can now experience AR without wearing a Head Set or Downloading an App! Across Instagram, Messenger, and News Feed, Facebook is building the world’s largest social augmented reality ecosystem.

This move by Facebook has created a powerful new platform that connects Brands and Consumers in a whole new dimension.


Welcome To The New Reality Of Advertising.

People want to touch, feel, try and experience a brand before making a purchase decision. Advertising has thus far restricted brands and users to a passive experience. Now, for the first time – AR is bridging this gap by giving marketers the ability to create a brand experience that fully involves the customer.

Consumers can now try products before buying it or discover new recipes by scanning the packaging or bring movie characters to life in their living rooms. This is the power of Augmented Reality.

With Facebook opening up AR – Brands can now access over 200 Mn Facebook users – without the additional costs of creating and distributing an AR App.

Globally –  Big Brands like Michael Kors, Sephora, Kia, and Nike have been some of the First Movers to seize this opportunity.


Bringing Augmented Reality Campaigns To Life.

The effectiveness of an AR Campaign can be distilled down to two key elements:

  1. The realism of the AR Effect
  2. Resonance Of The AR Effect with the Brand’s Value Proposition.

Without the above two elements in place – the potential of an AR Campaign rapidly dwindles from a powerful brand experience to a mere gimmick.

Achieving a realistic AR effect involves accurate 3d Modelling, Material Composition, Texturing, Lighting and Animation. While the Resonance of the AR effect is achieved by closely understanding the user’s purchase behavior and interaction with the Brand in the real world. Accurately mapping these elements back into the User Experience is fundamental in delivering a compelling AR Campaign.


The Future Of Augmented Reality

With Facebook, Apple and Google getting onto the bandwagon – It’s safe to say that AR is here to stay. Over the next few years, advancements in computer vision, AI and 3D phone cameras will further push the boundaries of Augmented Reality. Savvy Marketers will create powerful new experiences that will redefine the consumer’s experience.

At Attero labs, we’re enabling Brands and Agencies to conceptualize, create and deliver AR Experiences that blur the boundaries between the brand and the consumer.