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Case Studies

‘Everything Packaging’ Can Be Found On One Platform- The Minimalist For Bizongo

To establish a clear and direct connect between Bizongo and packaging, the company approached the design and digital company, The Minimalist, which led to launching an entirely new identity for the company as well as its solutions.

Category Introduction (Packaging)

The Indian packaging industry is dynamic with direct and indirect influence across other industries that are dependent on it. Over the last few years, the packaging industry has witnessed exponential growth. The industry will continue to grow in this course considering the increase in organized retail and e-commerce businesses in India. The Indian packaging industry contributes significantly to the global packaging industry. Demand for packaging machinery and material is mainly from the pharmaceutical and food processing sectors.

The packaging industry is undergoing a transition and moving towards eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. Companies are adopting sustainable methods of packaging and consumers have responded positively to this trend considering the increasing awareness. On the design front too, packaging companies are trying different strategies to reduce carbon footprint and support the sustainability initiative.

Brand Introduction

Bizongo is an end to end packaging solutions platform providing creative and logistical packaging solutions for businesses in India. The company has bridged the gap between packaging manufacturers and brands and has been instrumental in creating a sustainable ecosystem that brands and manufacturers can depend upon. With the entry of Bizongo in 2015, the industry saw a drastic change in the way the fragmented aspects of the sector functioned. Myntra, Amazon India, First Cry are a few of its clients.


Although being India’s only packaging solutions provider, Bizongo faced a major challenge with their logo and visual identity since it failed to communicate the ethos of the brand and the business as a packaging solutions company. This resulted in a superficial relationship with packaging at first glance.

To establish a clear and direct connect between Bizongo and packaging, the company approached the design and digital company, The Minimalist, which led to launching an entirely new identity for the company as well as its solutions.

The logo was intelligently designed and developed by The Minimalist after understanding the industry and the company’s core business of packaging. In line with the company’s vision of ‘Everything Packaging’ which is also the company’s new tagline, the logo has now become an apt tool of communication for Bizongo with its clients, employees and other stakeholders.


The objective was not only to ensure that the identity is glocal – premium enough to woo the global audience but also simple enough to resonate with the larger strata of the industry in India.

The brief

Bizongo had been struggling with its brand perception as a packaging solution provider. The onomatopoeic name paired with the old identity seemed to pique interest but failed to communicate the industry and business objective. The idea was to establish Bizongo as a one-stop shop for everything related to packaging and not to be seen as a startup in the packaging industry.

Creative Idea and Execution 

Bizongo’s old logo with a location symbol had several limitations. Moreover, the logo signified the company’s procurement business and left out the design aspect. To understand more about Bizongo, The Minimalist conducted several brainstorming sessions which helped in understanding the existing opportunities and challenges. The thought process involved changing the colour of the logo and used an innovative strategy with the tagline that communicated the brand’s ethos. The Minimalist formulated a positioning statement and looked for several options before coming to a conclusion on the final logo. Since packaging is always identified and associated with the shape of a box visually, The Minimalist decided to go beyond the visual theme.

The Minimalist applied the concept of a hollow logo that resonates the brand’s identity of packaging anything and everything for consumers. The hollow logo is black and white in colour defining the tagline of Everything Packaging with black as the platform and white having the ability to encompass everything within. The Minimalist zeroed down on the vertical alignment of the logo to ensure better readability.


The old logo failed to convey Bizongo’s business. The Minimalist faced the challenge to create an identity for Bizongo without altering its name and at the same time signify its forte of packaging. Another challenge was to put across Bizongo as a company that packages anything and everything. Giving Bizongo a differentiating status was another hindrance The Minimalist had to overcome.

The result


Everything Packaging

The new logo and identity simply and beautifully communicates the company’s business and expertise both in terms of words and visuals. The branding and communication team at The Minimalist led by Akshay Samel conceptualized a hollow logo owing to the company’s capability to encompass anything and package it. It translates seamlessly into a visual box that can encapsulate everything that comes into it – be it food, medicines, apparel, technology, cosmetics, etc.