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Linc Pentonic’s Latest Commercial Capitalizes on the Imminent Exam Fever

Just as nothing can bog down the spirit of a soldier, Linc Pentonic has been placed as the ultimate choice of exam warriors.

Linc has been a trusted writing instrument brand with a national and international presence in over 50 countries. The brand is often seen enjoying the audience’s popularity because of its new offerings and affordable price range. Its consistent marketing strategy is also laud worthy, that keeps it on top of recall and has now made Linc among the top pen companies in India.

Many times we have seen Linc advertisements recognizing the whole hullabaloo around student life, and especially during the exam days. Just like the brand’s other commercials, its latest ad film from #WriteTheFuture series happens to be captivating too. It capitalizes on the imminent exam season and the mood of the nation. The ad plays metaphorically, where a student gearing up for her exams is synonymous with a warrior preparing to walk down the war field.

The ad disseminates that idea that there is nothing more important than passing the exam of life, the ability to overcome all hardships and to achieve your dreams. Linc has been successful in encouraging the thought that there is nothing that can bog down the spirit for a soldier. Hence, the product has been placed as the ultimate choice of the warriors (students).

Executed by Brand Bazooka, the ad is expected to come out during the upcoming cricket matches on all popular news channels.