Keep Learning And Building Knowledge Each Day- Meghna Chettri, SBI

Meghna, you were preparing to be an engineer, started your career with the biggest tech companies – when did you decide to become a digital marketer? Do you love what you do?

Yes, I am an engineer. I graduated in Computer Science Engineering which is still very much a part of me even today, this helps me a lot with the work that I do. As digital marketing is driven by technology with new tech services and solutions coming in each day it helps me evaluate and execute things better.

I did start my career with tech giants even then I was always a part project for a leading digital marketing platform provider. I have worked on AdWords and DoubleClick both right from the beginning of my career. Due to this my foundation of digital marketing very strong which makes life much easier when a complex situation arises I can break it down to the crumbs and figure a solution out.

I absolutely love what I do, it’s not just because I think I know it all but because it is so complex and has so many new things happening every day. It keeps the chase on and you are never doing a monotonous thing every day. Digital marketing has evolved from being a sales pitch to customers to a personalised solution provided based on user preference and behaviour. The scope for digital marketing is immense and I can’t wait to learn more and do more.

What is your professional expertise and what do you see accomplishing for yourself in three years from now?

As I said, my fundamental understanding of digital marketing in search and display is strong and the educational background only adds horse power to the whole equation, it comes in handy while troubleshooting for technical issues or issues related to implementations or attribution and analytics.

In 3 years I hope to create an end to end personalised digital journey for banks consumers. I’d love to work on blockchain technology and am keen to work with someone who has built platforms based on blockchain

You have spent more than a year working with India’s largest public sector bank, did it require too much of perspective shift and cultural adjustments or is working with SBI same as working for any other private organisation?

Frankly, I didn’t feel a drastic change. It was just how I programmed my mind I am assigned a job and my task is to complete it. Talking about the culture in the bank against the normal norm and believe it is one of the best places to work, everyone is very respectful and you are given your space to get acquainted with the work and yes we are driven by KPI’s.

To talk about perspective change, yes my perspective has changed because as an outsider it’s easier to complaint about the short comings of the bank but from the inside I now understand that the bank actually has to follow a lot of rules, policies and regulations.

My perspective also changed as the amount of opportunities and scale the bank works at. There are a lot technical leaps bank has taken YONO is one example of how the bank is trying to make services easily available to customers.

Being at SBI has its own perks in-terms of the exposure you get to the new tech, services and partner relations. But as long as am working finishing my goals and meeting my KPIs I don’t think it’s any different from working for any MNCs.

Is your current work life balance working out good for you? What do you like doing in your ‘Me Time’?

Work life balance is good for now.

My me time has two extreme ends, I either sleep and loiter around in my pajama the whole time, binge watching series or I am out in the world travelling, enjoying food, shopping, raving with my close knit friend circles.

You have been working for a little more than five years now, have you discovered any key learnings so far?

The key learning for me has been to have a strong hold on basics of anything you wish to do and keep learning and building knowledge each day.