‘Minting money is the last thing you should be working for’ says Ganesh Gadakh, Founder Director, Elixir IBC

Q1. First of all, congratulations for 14 successful years of Elixir. The journey from Elixir Designs to Elixir Integrated Brandcomm must have been a consuming one. What really helped you moving?

The journey has been a fantastic one. We have a lot of clients who have been with us for over 10 years. That’s the kind of trust which makes me feel proud of what we’ve done. We have solely focused on delivering great work and thus building valuable relationships which have helped us lay the foundation for building a loyal clientele and multifold growth.

This transition enables us to be known as a full-service agency offering creative solutions across the integrated communication spectrum.


Q2. With over 150 distinguished creative awards, both national and international, in your kitty. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you like to rate your success?

Getting recognition in the form of awards from industry bodies is a great thing but appreciation from clients for our work is the biggest award for me. The yardstick of our performance is the trust that my clients have in Elixir and not the awards in our kitty. If I were to rate our success, I would give us an 8 as there’s always some room for perfection.


Q3. You are an active member of industry bodies like CII, ABCI, BCCI, and Young Indians. Besides, you are also a creative partner for many events, conferences, and CSR activities. How do you manage your time being the Founder Director at Elixir Integrated Brandcomm?

It is a privilege to be a member of these esteemed entities. Managing time is never a problem, thanks to my reliable team of passionate professionals who help me strike a perfect balance between the two.


Q4. Having 16 years of industry experience across print, television, digital, OOH, DM and radio. Which medium do you find most exciting and challenging?

The advertising industry has evolved in last decade with many innovative modes and channels of communication. Today communication is not one-sided. It is time that clients and agencies think beyond ‘sell or else…’

With digital communication, it is no more about talking to a few customers in the market but reaching out to a larger audience and engaging them in an interactive way on social media platforms. We are looking at possibilities to enter into that space.


Q5. In the last many years, your company has partnered with big iconic brands in India and abroad for their creative communication challenges. Which project would you rate as a milestone for your company?

We are proud to be associated with some of the most prestigious brands in India and abroad. Naming one milestone project is really very difficult as we’ve consistently explored newer avenues to reach target audience with impactful communication. My personal favourite was the anthem song we created for Tata Consulting Engineers where we engaged over 300 employees of TCEL to perform.

Besides that, the Rolls Royce ERP campaign, a 360-degree campaign for Dainik Bhaskar and our award-winning work for the Godrej Food Trend 2018 are few of the milestone activities of our journey.

Q6. In the times of mergers and acquisitions, any such specific future plans for Elixir?

Elixir IBC is gunning to do work that not just creates ripples in the communication industry in India but at a global level. Our journey at Elixir IBC so far was very organic. When I look forward in the coming years, I do see immense opportunities in the path breaking work that we’ve been doing. We want to achieve our goals no matter how. We are open for ways that can help us get there.


 Q7. All the best for your endeavours lined up in the future. And do give one special tip to all the budding entrepreneurs.

Thank you! It feels great to be interviewed by Agency Reporter. My advice to budding entrepreneurs is to have a fire in the belly to deliver outstanding work that requires passion and an undying spirit. Minting money is the last thing you should be working for. You need to put your soul into your work to succeed.