Revv Tells Potential Car Owners to “Keep it Open”

OPEN is a new car subscription service launched by Revv Cars.

OPEN, a new car subscription service launched by Revv Cars taps into this insight in the latest campaign conceptualized by GREY group India, which brings to life the campaign thought of “Keep it OPEN” on the back of a multi-film digital campaign. 

In today’s ever-changing world, consumers are always looking for options that don’t tie them down. And, with Revv, the hassles that come with owning a car is not one of them. With Revv they retain their freedom along with the convenience of having their own set of wheels, for as long as they deem comfortable.

“Automobile is one of the most critical lifestyle choices today. Consumers should be able to shift Cars as per their dynamically changing life styles and life stages! But the financial burden, buying hassles, demands of maintenance and last but not the least, and geographic uncertainties of professions, can at times hold people back from buying a car. With OPEN, we wanted to introduce the new way of owning a car without the usual hassles associated with traditional way of car ownership. OPEN enables flexibility of ownership with ZERO down payment, ZERO road tax and ZERO Maintenance,” said a spokesperson from Revv Cars.

“With the new communication that we have put out on Open, the idea highlights the ease and convenience the consumer gets by choosing our product,” added Suvikrant Maira, Sr. Vice President, GREY Group

“The phrase “settle down” is unsettling for this generation. They don’t want to settle down. Nor do they want to be bound to a place, a city or even a thing. In a world that is constantly conspiring to get them to take the biggest decisions of their lives and “settle down”, REVV allows them to keep one such decision, “Open”. Purchasing a car is seen as one of the symbols of settling down. And while you can’t keep every important decision open, this is one you surely can,” averred Varun Goswami, Executive Creative Director, GREY Group

 Founded in July 2015 by ex-McKinsey executives, Revv has more than 3,00,000 users so far.