Latest campaign of Kellogg’s feat. Sania Mirza as a mother with an advice that we have heard more than once but still need to act on

Sania Mirza is seen in a new role, as a mother in a latest Kellogg’s campaign, giving advice to the expectant mothers.

The world is full of opportunity and sky’s the limit, Children hear it time and time again from their parents to keep their dreams and hopes alive. Every parent in the world wants to protect and nourish their child as much as they can. And yes, there is nothing that a child can’t achieve with a little bit of hard work and determination with a lot of support from the parents. But there is always a path that is always destined for that kid even before he/she is born.

In their latest campaign, Kellogg’s collaborated along with the Culture Machine’s digital channel Blush, mother to be Sania Mirza talks about liberating the child and setting them free from the expectations and norms of society. And let them decide their own path and be the individual they want to be.

The campaign itself portraits the image of our society, that how having famous parents always becomes a huge responsibility for the children like we see in case of Shahrukh Khan or Late Sridevi. And even still in the year 2018, gender still matters so much and stereotyping the colors, blue is for boys who are stronger and pink is for girls who should be home and playing with dolls and painting their nails.

Sania Mirza spread a strong message of breaking these stereotyping and letting the kid choose their own path. But can that really happen on a large scale? We still have parents and societies telling us what to do and what not to.

So even though the message is strong but it’s nothing that we haven’t seen before. Just like each year, they showcase a lot of campaigns talking about breaking stereotyping and gender equality. Just like Ashok Leyland’s campaign, shows breaking of stereotypes with their hashtag #BreakThePerception. It’s good to see people talking about these things time to time but it is still a long time to go until things happen the way we wish too.

In the most truthful way, Sania Mirza talks about how society has always stereotyped on genders, famed parents and choose a particular path for the child even before he/she is born. She advised more mothers to let the kid choose his/her own path and not be persuaded by the society to look or do things in a certain way.

New Campaign of Kellogg’s tells you to break the social norms and rules and let the child make it on his/her own with the support of his/her parents.