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StreamCon Asia 2019- Content Dynamics through Women’s Lens

Agency Reporter was the official media partner for StreamCon Asia 2019. The event was a one-stop congregation for content creators, video platforms, advertisers and fans of the online video industry. It served as a perfect platform for video enthusiasts, leading brands, aspiring content creators and digital video marketers.

One of the most interesting debates had Moderator Shefali Takalkar (Creative Head – Content Studio, BBH India) and Nidhi Bisht (Creative Head, Girliyapa), Kamiya Jani (Editor-In-Chief, Curly Tales), Supriya Paul (Director & Co-Founder, JOSH Talks) and Aditi Shrivastava (Co-Founder, Pocket Aces) as the panelists.

The discussion was to understand how the online content is evolving and the role of women in it. The speakers talked about their journeys, experiences and insights.

On being asked upon how women are represented in media industry and how would they want to be represented, Nidhi said, “Times have changed today. There is more acceptance of women-centric stories. Even the producers happily back these stories. The portrayal that a woman has her life of own and has goals if forming a good start to the whole revolution. But still, there is a long way to go”.

Aditi told us how it is an important part that we have started to show women as they as in real life- flawed, honest, ambitious, goal-oriented, etc. Women are also big consumers now. The media has started reflecting their views, showing them the content they wish to see.

Supriya about how relatability is the key for all content creators. Everyone wants to see real stories. Also, vernacular makes for a successful content. With this, relatability goes up.

Kamiya being from the travel background, told us how her content is mostly gender-neutral. Succeessful content must be real and acceptable.

The next was understanding their views on what are the Indian women expecting out of the online content, to which Supriya said, “Women engage emotionally more than men. When the content is shown in truest form, they engage more”.

For Aditi, the audience looks for choice. It is important for the content creators to keep the variety in mind. One must evaluate the audience preferences and create content accordingly.

Another very captivating discussion was on women seeking content regarding travel. This helped us understand if content around this topic was gratifying and liberating to them and how it brings out the joy in them.

Kamiya being a solo traveler felt it is very liberating. She says “Freedom is the biggest gift for a woman today. They look at it as an investment. Talking of online content, we see increased number of likes and tagging, clearly representing her desire to travel”.

Nidhi too feels that traveling is quite liberating. She adds, “One works hard to travel. It boosts your confidence and inspires other too”.

For Aditi, traveling is becoming a thing today. As content is a part of the natural story, inclusion of travel becomes a perfect match. We see tourism boards coming up as well. White the budget may be a concern, the content does sell.

Lastly, Supriya feels that travel is a luxury for Indian women today. It brings better perspective and hence, they love such content.

It was quite an insightful session with these women, sharing their first-hand experiences. Women are definitely a big audience for the marketers and brands today. While they are brand loyal and have the spending power, their presence is something that cannot be untended.