This Video By Wai Wai On The Occasion Of Raksha Bandhan Will Melt Your Heart And Make You Miss Your Sister

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner and the occasion earmarks start of festive season in India. It’s time when brands put their best foot forward and come up with most innovative campaigns, too many of them wanting to break stereotypes. Some notable campaigns of 2017 were from brands like Amazon with their #DeliverTheLove campaign, Nykaa with their #BondedByLove campaign, Bajaj Allianz with their #HomeIsWhereHeartIs campaign. With these videos being released mainly on online platforms, brands see an apt opportunity to subtly push their products and services to consumers in the most native form. These videos are so nicely made with a touchy communication that consumers don’t really mind for once and give them a nice reception.

This year again, we have begun to see brands rolling out their Rakshabandhan videos, some of them aimed at breaking stereotypes. Wai Wai is the newest entrant in this category and has come up with a heart-warming video of an IPS sister and a student brother. In the opening scene we see three family members waiting anxiously for someone at home and soon enough we get to know it’s the sister they all have been waiting for and she is a Police Officer. She arrives on a Bullet. In the very next scene we get to know that all family members and especially her brother has been waiting whole day to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. While Avantika’s mother expresses her frustration, the brother stands up and, in a banter, says what if I reach late to protect you. While this is happening the father diverts everyone’s attention to a Breaking News on TV. We see a news flash which says, in a heroic incident Avantika Sharma saves life of 3 girls(implying that this is not her first time and as a Police Officer in past too she has been in news for her heroic acts).Immediately after seeing that, the brother takes Rakhi from her hand and in a heart-warming gesture ties it on his sister’s wrist while in the background we hear a voice saying “Can only a brother protect? Break the stereotype” (Raksha kya sirf bhai kar sakta hai, chhodo kal ke baatein). The brand’s subtle presence is in the form of a logo on top right and the hashtag #NayiSochNayaSwad, linking the change in taste of noodles to the theme of video.

The execution of video has been done very nicely and all actors in the video did justice to their roles. Director, Harit Sethi did a fantastic job by choosing to keep the video fast paced and avoiding any dull moments in between. The video clearly has been able to break clutter and bring across the message. The video was made by a Mumbai based production house, Purplepink Films & Media Pvt Ltd. They also have presence in Delhi. The video was conceptualised by Wai Wai’s creative AOR, V-Chitra, Nepal.

Pointing out towards brand connect, the agency says – Wai Wai is a young brand in India targeted to the aspiring millennial generation who see things in new light. They are proud and enjoy the rich Indian customs and traditions, but at the same time don’t want to be held back by them. The modern brother and sister share the same bonds as their parents do but view it differently where male and female child are seen as equal and not dependent on each other for daily survival.

We used the Raksha Bandhan bond with a ‘Nayi soch’ twist to deliver the ‘Naya swad’ of Wai Wai.

Commenting on a question about the reason behind making this film and the message they want to give out to the new generation, G P Sah, VP, CG Foods India says “#NayiSochNayaSwad talks to the modern brother and sister to enjoy the special Rakhsa Bandhan bond in today’s context where a woman is an equal and not the weaker sex. We hear lot of negative stories on “Breaking News” every evening. It is time to change the narrative. Today our Defense Minister is a woman and we can proudly say that the Indian women are breaking down lot of male bastions and are capable of protecting themselves and the society they serve.”

Overall, the video is a great attempt by Wai Wai and seems to achieve the objective. Hopefully we will see many more such videos from the brand.