Editor's Take

Awards, Shawards, Haye Rabba

It’s been almost a month since the journey of Agency Reporter began and my co-founder has been chasing me to put out another editor’s take. He is of a view that I should express my opinion at least once a day. He may be right but at the back of my mind I think, “Editor’s take is no industry awards that we should have one everyday”. Just thinking about so many awards makes me anxious. I am worried that by the time Agency Reporter decides to bring its own RnR, all animal names would have been taken up and everyone in the industry would have got some or the other award. Trust me, the day is not very far.

Do you ever think that why are there so many awards?

  • RnR is easy way of making money for a publisher and therefore everyone should have one every month!
  • Vendors are always finding an opportunity to connect with brands and agencies. Sponsorships are an easy way out!
  • There is so much talent in our industry that organisers find it really hard to felicitate them all in one night!
  • There is so much of good work happening that whether or not it registers in consumers mind, the saint publishers out there doesn’t fail to notice!
  • Admin department of the agency made a very big shelf right around the reception area and there is a lot of space left. So, let’s pay and nominate for twelve more awards!
  • One award a month, keep the employees motivated! Both at the  agency and at organiser’s office.
  • Brands assign project to agencies which has maximum awards! So let’s find more awards, pay, nominate and win!
  • There are so many juries out there!

Well, there may be any xyz reason to host or participate in an award and as long as everyone is happy and making money or spending money to get more awards, who are we to question!

Frankly, I have never remembered an agency or it’s people because of abc award it won. For me, an agency which does really good work gets to hear it from people out there and not from some jury or panel. Awards are given as a form of recognition but in true sense there are so many campaigns happening all the time that there is hardly any bandwidth to register, recall or recognise any of them. Why just campaigns, in fact, there are so many people around that remembering and recognising them also is a task and anyway, I am of an opinion that everyone does not deserve an award but  whoever does, that should be decided by a large number of voters. Transparency, authenticity and validation, all are taken care of. So if someone has done a good job, it deserves an award so why not we give them a real one which has to be the most sought after.

I don’t know if we will create that one but for now it’s decided that when we decide to do an award, it will be a people’s choice award.

Till then, please remind us who you are and what you do. Drop me an eMail on [email protected]