ITC Wills Lifestyle rekindles the love for culturally rich art forms with their #InLoveWithSanganer collection

Sanganer in Rajasthan is a town known for the origination of the hand-block printing technique, Sanganeri. A hub of craft workshops, the local artisans don’t just carve delicate patterns on wooden blocks but, an emotion. An emotion that has been passed on from one generation to another to keep this historic and culturally rich art form, alive.

Exploring this 500-year-old art with a contemporary take is ITC Wills Lifestyle’s Sanganer Collection, one that is rich in heritage and captivates with its beautiful and authentic hand-block prints. Encompassing a mélange of fresh and sharp silhouettes, natural colours and a medley of traditional and contemporary prints, each piece of the collection was made to suit the consumers’ desires and to make them fall #InLoveWithSanganer.

With Sanganer Collection, Wills Lifestyle collaborated with Radhika Apte and lifestyle influencers like Sarang Patil, Riaan George, Varun Verma, and Manav Chhabra. The brand effectively leveraged digital media platforms to build salience for the collection and tell the story of Sanganer.

The campaign #InLoveWithSanganer was conceptualized and executed by ITC Wills Lifestyle’s digital marketing agency, Social Kinnect’s Delhi team. Together, Wills Lifestyle and Social Kinnect took a unique story-telling approach on social media to interact with their audience. What stood out in this approach was the love that brewed between the carved blocks, the natural colours, and the rich fabrics.

With the launch of the Sanganer Collection, the brand’s social media handles went abuzz as interactions increased by over seven times, with the reach and impressions increasing by over five times. More than anything, the Sanganer Collection rekindled people’s love for the culturally rich art forms our country has to offer. Wills Lifestyle’s contemporary take on this exquisite art form also played a role in making the garments from this collection secure a spot in many wardrobes for the times to come.