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Can Machine Learning Really Change Digital Marketing

If we see the trend in the recent years, content has become king for effective digital marketing.

Machine Learning is one of the most useful technologies being used today. The reason behind this is that companies can now focus on deeper thinking tasks than collecting data. As per a recent research conducted by QuanticMind, a whopping 97% of leaders believe that the future of marketing lies solely on machine-learning based tools.  Machine learning is basically a subset of Artificial Intelligence that uses data to learn how to complete a process with the help of AI capabilities. It is an advanced tool or an application of Artificial Intelligence that uses data effectively to provide solutions to several problems in digital marketing. It focuses on development of computer programs that learns on its own by accessing available data.

Machine Learning tools have the capability of analyzing huge data and present it in analytical format for companies to understand and use to their advantage. Marketers can capitalize on Machine Learning to make their ads more effective, enabling them to reach out to their audience at the right time and at the right platform. Digital marketers must explore all the capabilities and opportunities that machine learning provides.

Listed are some of the ways in which Machine Learning will transform digital marketing in the coming months:

Content Marketing

Digital marketers, bloggers and even businesses are now stressing on good content that has the potential to attract the target audience. The importance of content marketing becomes more clear when looking at the role that content plays in helping your business build and improve search engine optimization (SEO). Machine learning steps in here and plays a big role in understanding, analyzing and finally uncovering this data for digital marketers. It helps you to measure the effectiveness of your pay per click campaigns and move your business forward accordingly. Machine learning can turn the tables as marketers can now find out not only what will appeal the customer but also deliver the same to the right customers.

Simplify Forecasting and Optimize Budget

Machine Learning tools help businesses of all sizes to speed up their analysis to understand customer needs and thus come up with marketing campaigns that target those needs in real time. The company can now allocate their budgets accordingly and enjoy the benefits from effective and positive digital marketing strategies.  

Companies are now becoming Machine Learning driven businesses and are successfully transforming their industries through this tool.  There is no fixed formula to get you be an expert on this but there are simple steps to get started.

Create Consensus by all in the company for this type of digital marketing. It is not easy to accept change or trust easily the machine learning way, but one must have the consensus to go ahead.  Once you are ready with all approvals, start preparing data and the investment spent on data collection and cleaning will definitely pay off. One of the biggest advantages of Machine Learning tools is that it can be effective even with incomplete or scattered data and still analyze it for you accurately. The next is to come up with correct and the perfect algorithms that will test against your data. The last but the tough one is to incorporate this machine learning tool into your company software and it is necessary that your data science and the software development team work in sync for getting the data on one common platform or tool.

Some of the top companies are betting on Machine Learning with their innovative solutions. For e.g. Apple Siri, Google Now are using Machine Learning for speech recognition, making them smarter in knowing customer needs. Amazon’s Recommendation Engine is one big example where machine learning is playing a key role in driving economic value.

By Kashish Jhamb, CEO & Executive Director, City Innovates