This new Maggi ad feat. the voice of legendary Naseeruddin Shah, captures the taste of Indian consumers beautifully

Maggi brings together 20 flavors and spices from all over the country into its “Special Masala”

New spices, the new ad, and a great visual. Maggi once again has outdone itself with its latest ad film introducing new special masala. Herbs and Spices are the heart of India and Maggi has hit that right chord by showing that Maggi noodles’ masala is made with 20 herbs and spices collected from all over India.

The ad film shows a woman traveling throughout India and collecting little boxes and pouches given to her by locals. Actor Naseeruddin Shah who is recognized and loved for his distinctive voice is being heard in the background narrating the traveler’s journey and the stories behind spices of those states. It is understood through the narrative that those boxes and pouches have spices in it.

The ad film also captures the beauty of each city in just a few shots and leaving the audience wanting more. The film has a good build-up and a satisfying end. Being a loyalist to the brand and lover of Maggi, I tried the new special masala Maggi. I can safely conclude that the taste is no different than the original masala Maggi.

The ad is nice and beautiful but I feel it’s deceiving me as a loyal consumer. I am being sold same old Maggi with just a little extra chilly added. I was disappointed to eat it but definitely, the ad was nice and since we are reviewing the ad, let’s just stick to it.

With this ad, Maggi is trying to communicate to its consumers that the new masala is made from spices sourced from across India and that they will find the taste refreshing. Although in actuality the taste is not very different. Maggi gets full marks in creating a wonderful visual with a heart touching narrative in the voice of Naseeruddin Shah. It will be interesting to see, how long it takes them to penetrate consumers mind and sell a reasonable number of SKUs.

Since it will not be a review if I didn’t critically analyze the film. I felt the exaggeration is a little too much and the consumers will really be disappointed when they actually taste the new Maggi. In past too, we have seen Maggi disappointing its consumers when they launched the “Hot Heads” flavor. The ad has over 21 million views on YouTube and mostly the comments were positive. The love showered totally ignores the 2017 fiasco. Good for Maggi.

Apart from all this, the ad overall gives a nice warm feeling. You may feel little nostalgic and homesick after seeing the visuals. Full marks to the agency for conceptualization. Hope to see more such ads from Nestle.