Fantasy cricket platform Ballebaazi Launches Digital Campaign Ahead of IPL & World Cup

BalleBaazi gives the chance to these regular people to get more involved in what they love and gain the best fantasy sports experience.

Ballebaazi, a fantasy cricket platform has come up with a new ad campaign on digital media ahead of IPL and cricket World Cup 2019.

The concept of the campaign revolves around the protagonist who is a cricket lover watching the game on his laptop at his workplace. He expresses his frustration around how the playing 11 is not according to his choice in the live game and starts cursing the selectors for the team’s poor performance. His friend alongside gives him the idea of creating his own team on BalleBaazi!

The digital campaign includes 3 ads. In one ad, two lady friends have come to the salon to get a hairdo & manicure respectively & a cricket match is being telecasted on TV where it’s the last ball and India has ended up on the losing side. That’s where the Girl 1 starts giving her opinion on what should be the team’s approach on the game until the hairdresser advices her to create her own team on BalleBaazi!

The third concept revolves around a cricket fan shopkeeper watching the game without getting his eyes off the television. So much that he doesn’t pay much attention to the new customer that has come in. He’s then seen predicting the next ball to go for a six which ultimately happens. It’s then that the customer advices him to log on to BalleBaazi and utilize his cricket knowledge there!

The campaign is being promoted on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Parth Sharma, General Manager, Strategic Management,, said, “In an era where cricket debates and experts can be found in every corner of our cricket loving nation, BalleBaazi gives the chance to these regular people to get more involved in what they love. A chance to gain the best fantasy sports experience!”

Started in January, 2018 BalleBaazi has grown to a 4 lakh users now. Apart from it’s user base, Mega Leagues organised by the platform have grown from a prizepool worth a few thousands to Mega Leagues worth 2 lakhs daily.

BalleBaazi has been introducing Leagues constantly since it’s inception. In addition to this, multiple fantasy blogging sites who have conducted review sessions on their platform always found BalleBaazi on the top.