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Content Marketing Tricks for Millennials Decoded

Unless the millennials are convinced with the brand values, the worth for money and product efficiency, they wouldn’t let any advertisement influence them. Hence, marketing tactfully is important.

Millennials, owing to the largest pool of population today, are beginning with their prime spending years. This in turn makes them an obvious consumption audience to the market. In a recent report by Comscore, the millennials in United States alone are expected to spend nearly $600 billion in the coming year.

While these individuals make for a major market segment for all the brands, the challenges predicted by marketers are also plenty. With the evolving technological and digital advances, the psychological and behavioral developments of millennials can be hard to understand. Their needs and choices are deemed to alter with the advent of new media furtherance.

For all of you wondering how to crack these tough nuts with your content marketing strategies, we have some easy solutions for you.

1.    Present them with an Idea of Saving More 

Statistically comparing the earning and expenditure ratio of millennials with their parents (at the same age in their lives), millennials earn 20% less than them. Renting (whether homes or cars) has also more common these days, according to the report by Pew Research Center. They aim to spend wisely and save the maximum.

To catch hold of their attention, as a marketer it is important for you to build strategies that talk about financial security, saving options, self-reliance and ways to fetch financial gains. These methods are likely to convert your leads successfully.

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2.    Consider that they Rely on Reviews Heavily

With new forms of content being created and curated so frequently, the trajectory of reviews and blogs is interesting to read. Nearly 23% of millennials refer blog or review articles before they head for any purchase. Unless they are convinced with the brand values, the worth for money and product efficiency, they wouldn’t let any advertisement influence them. Their reliance on online content can also be traced back to their persistent use of the internet.

Hence, as a marketer, you can create snackable descriptions giving useful insights about your product. Blogs make for a great landing page, provided your ad information is relevant.

3.    Create your Social Media Presence Slyly yet Swiftly

According to recent reports, millennials spend a little more than 6 hours per week over the social media. Since these individuals skim through the content, hooking them with a crisp ad copy over websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be of success.

As a marketer, avoid creating long-length messages that require more time to read. Rather, look for the best keywords to create catchy headlines that are direct and clear.

4.    Explore the New Forms of Content

With the millennials breeding different characteristics from their predecessors, conventional marketing strategies may not interest them much. Some of the new forms of content like videos or infographics or gifs are undoubtedly consumed the most by millennials today. Pick the best suited for your product and build an engaging content around it.

5.    Let your Brand Emit Transparency and Value

Millennials do not take a second to smirk at an exaggerated piece of advertisement. They are a set of people that are difficult to please as they work on the ‘What Is In for Me’ attitude. Standing out from your competitors becomes a difficult task since these individuals expect a brand to deliver transparency and authenticity.

For this, build content that delivers both- information and entertainment. Build an identity they can relate with and transform your brand that feels human.

Get Going, Now!

We hope you are all set to improvise your content marketing strategy now. Make sure you choose the right TG and segment, and understand their needs and preferences before you delve into marketing to these millennials. Good luck!