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How Alexa and Siri are Changing SEO: AI and Voice Search

No doubt, future is turning advance by each passing day, advanced visual and voice search are becoming more prominent, thus, helping the users in finding the products and services they are interested in.

If we have a look at the research, you’d realise the 50% of search queries take place from the mobile devices. So, I think smartphone users in the present-day world are getting aware of the terms Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri, these emerging techniques came into consideration because of voice search. If we have a look at the present ratio, you’ll find a large section of population of the nation uses Android smartphones and Google Assistant is quite compatible voice-assisted technology nowadays.

Digital marketing companies are now spotting these new search behaviours, the leading growth of industry, and driving a new interest towards the use of technology.

The speech-to-text technology is turning into a smart way for the multitasking people in order to stay more productive and to smoothly finish the tasks like making reservations or they wish to locate the closest store.

Let’s explore the new way where Alexa, Siri etc. are changing the game for the digital marketing industry and how one can stay prepared for it.

As voice search is getting more affordable, so it is important to think about how they are going to reach their target audience. If you are offering digital marketing services; then, it is important to sit and work with developers to take syntax and natural speech into account in order to deal with the voice searches.

Voice assisted technology ready to help, wherever you are!

Voice assisted technology is systematized to work successfully on the eligible Android phones, now users just need to press and hold the home button, which simply allows you to send a text, send reminders, play music, get the latest news, and so forth. Just press and hold the dedicated button and say what you need.

Soon the voice-assisted technology is going to cover the whole nation and every smartphone user understand the pros of the voice search.

Voice assisted technology is soon going to increase in the next three years across the nation, the successful use of voice searches like Alexa and Siri, etc. is witnessed in the IT sector, customer service and information queries, hotel bookings, dinner reservations and hair appointments. The voice recognition technology is also going to help in healthcare sector where one can document the patient data easily.

According to the Gartner, the users will grow 25 percent by the end of 2023 as the technology is enhancing rapidly.

Alongside, Google is attempting to enhance the Duo voice with a smart Android feature: an ability to ring the phones who don’t have the app installed in the phone.

Local connect

Generally, voice-assisted technology offers its support in English and Hindi language for phones. After the launch of fourth edition of “Google for India”, a user would get support in more than seven Indian languages including Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Urdu and Malayalam, etc.


After the launch in various languages, a surge in the number of users have been tripled in India since last year. Obviously, it reflects a positive side of the use of technology.


Users are turning towards the use of voice search that automatically understands the different language and drives the desired result in same language, whenever a question is asked.

Transformation in the real-life

Voice search is so easy to use, speaking on a phone makes things easier. In my opinion, speech recognition is a wonderful thing and it’s really cool to talk to your phone. Google has enabled a number of options, for example, you’re bored? And you can ask to play a song and it pulls up a list of songs where you can pick and play. It’s really amazing how technology is on its pace and this technology is turning near and dear to every user.

Generic user-experience

The recent advancement of Assistant-enabled smart displays makes more familiar, alongside, offers controls and sliders to manage the smart home devices. A secure authentication method allows users to link the account conveniently.

Screenless searching is going to take a hike of 30% by 2020 so the days may come where scrolling on phone will go down.

Now digital marketing companies must be prepared to meet the new challenges and increasing use of Alexa and Siri, so get ready how the content should be conveyed. As it’s a common situation, people tend to use more words and longer sentences than typing. For example, what are the top ten English songs?

Be smart with AI on SEO perspective

Other than interfacing with a particular persona, the advancement of text-to-speech technique has a few real-world suggestions. For example, search engines rank voice search uniquely in contrast to traditional SEO. Content curators need to take care of the mentioned points when advertising for voice search:

Length: Does the response manage the randomness of the query and give enough context? Google is taking a look at the length (how brief or detailed it is) to decide the nature of the appropriate responses.

Detailing: Is an answer guessed suitably for a native speakers’ grasp of the language? Is it, grammatically right? For attribution, is the source of the content clear and logical.

Pronunciation: Some outcomes are made, a decision against the exactness of pronunciation, common transmission of voice pitch, and swiftness at which an answer is communicated.

Schema Markup: Appropriate schema is required to use as metadata, both for traditional SEO as well as voice search. This joint venture between Microsoft Bing and Google is a language that distinguishes discrete snippets of data like time of activity, links, etc. on sites to guarantee accurateness.

Security: Search motors are expanding their understanding of safety and information correctness as a key criterion for ranking sites.

Mobile-friendliness: As with usual search engine results, all content should be mobile-friendly. Look at Yoast’s suggestions on improving mobile voice search.

Alongside, the AI with voice search will help in optimizing the content in the search engines and thus help in improving the ranking of the websites.

Voice-Audio campaigns

This voice assisted technology helps in creating the greeting messages and offer you an invite with a warm welcome where a voice message put in an appearance when you enter a showroom or make a call to a particular organization.

Final thought and recommendations

Digital marketing brands must stay ahead of the competition by fulfilling the present-day requirements. Adomantra, undoubtedly is all set to meet the new challenges and welcomes the new technology as the graph is going to reach high. Every digital marketing company requires to keep the content informational, navigational, and transactional. After the implementation of the recent AI voice search, SEO can enhance the company’s online presence and bring them in the list of voice search results.

Getting to understand the customer’s behaviour better and know how AI works with SEO can help in becoming a successful brand as they take on advanced voice search.

  -By Vikas Katoch – Founder & CEO – Adomantra Digital India Pvt Ltd